Anita Nair is a global ambassador for Women for Expo May 2015

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Alphabet Soup for Lovers published as
L’Alfabeto Delle Spezie in Italy on June 11th 2015


The story of how a book was born and the writing of another was resuscitated: Last September I was in Sarzana Italy as a speaker at the Festival of Ideas. Luigi Brioschi, President and Publishing Director of the very literary Ugo Guanda Editore and my publisher in Italy was there as well to hear me speak. Women for Expo had just announced that I had been chosen as one of their global ambassadors. After the lecture as we walked towards the restaurant for lunch, I was talking to Luigi about how the writing of Gowda 2 had hit an impasse. The subject was bleak and what I had researched and written about until then had left me in a deep dark space. The pointlessness of existence, the depravity of human beings, our inability to deal with social ills even when it was staring us in our face – all of it had stilled my words.

I am not sure if Luigi was trying to help me erase the images that were haunting me and freezing my mind or he was just being a good publishing director when he asked if I would write a story for him. Use food as a metaphor, he said. I would like to believe it is a combination of both for suddenly I felt something flower in me.

An idea that I had been toying with since May 2013 suddenly seemed the best place to begin. I am not sure what it will be but I certainly will, I said feeling a frisson of excitement. Seated beneath a bower of leaves, all of us there that day drank to the new book whatever it would be.

The story became a novella and Luigi who read it as soon as it was done wrote back: the food novella is a brilliant small book. Very brilliant, and perfectly architected.

In less than a year the book was written, translated by my dear friend and translator Francesca Diano and will be published in Italy today as L’Alfabeto Delle Spezie.

It is a special book for me for it is a story that shattered the freeze in my head and heart, and allowed me to resume Gowda 2 again. It is also a book I enjoyed writing for the sheer unabashed fantasy of a love affair melding with food was exactly what I needed to heal.

Alphabet Soup for Lovers will be published by HarperCollins India and Mathrubhumi books later this year.


El Guardian De La Luz – The Spanish Translation of Idris: Keeper of the Light published in April 2015


New Editions of Cut Like Wound
in India and France in April 2015



Idris: Keeper of the Light is shortlisted for the Hindu Literary Award.

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Announcing the publication of
Idris by Ugo Guanda, Italy

Announcing the publication of
Idris by Mathrubhumi, Kerala



Announcing the publication of A Cut-Like Wound
in UK & US in May 2014 by Bitter Lemon Press

Cut-Like Wound



Announcing the publication of
Anita Nair’s new novel Idris

Idris by Anita Nair


Anita Nair was awarded the Arch of Excellence Award by the All India Achievers’ Conference, New Delhi for Literature.

Lessons in Forgetting Film

'Lessons in Forgetting' has been selected in the Feature films section of Indian Panorama, 2012 in the 43rdInternational Film Festival of India being held in Goa from 20th – 30th November, 2012.

Adil Hussain received the Best Actor Award for his Performance in Lessons in Forgetting at the New Jersey Independent South Asian Film Festival, New Jersey America and Roshni Achreja received the Best Supporting Actress.

Announcing the publication of
Anita Nair’s new novel Cut Like Wound.

Cut Like Wound

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In May 2012 Anita Nair was honoured by the Kerala Sahitya Akademi for her contribution to Literature and Culture


Announcing the premier of Anita Nair’s
new play A Twist of Lime.

Twist Of Lime

Reviews of A Twist of Lime:


The Lilac House




Lessons in Forgetting soon to be released in the US as The Lilac House. Pre-order at: Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, Borders, IndieBound & Amazon.com





Lessons in Forgetting-the film

Watch the trailer of Lessons in Forgetting here: www.lessonsinforgettingthefilm.com

To celebrate 25 years of Penguin India and
the 10th anniversary of Ladies Coupe.

Ladies Coupe’s 10th anniversary
edition in books shops in India.

ladies coupe


HarperCollins India publishes Anita Nair’s
translation of T S Pillai’s cult novel Chemmeen


First published in 1956, Chemmeen tells the story of the relationship between Karuthamma, a Hindu woman from the fisherfolk community, and Pareekutty, the son of a Muslim fish wholesaler. Knowing that it was a forbidden love, Karuthamma marries Palani, an orphan from another fishing village. Palani and Karuthamma’s marriage is stricken by gossip surrounding Karuthamma’s past and soon Palani too has to bear the stigma of that love affair. Nevertheless he doesn’t stop trusting her, a trust that is reaffirmed each time he goes to sea and comes back safe since the myth among the fishermen community is that the safe return of a fisherman depends on the fidelity of his wife.

Then, one night, Karuthamma and Pareekutty meet and their love is rekindled while Palani is at sea, baiting a shark …

The hugely successful novel, known for the author’s departure from his realistic style, was adapted into a film of the same name, and won critical acclaim and commercial success. Anita Nair’s evocative translation brings this classic of Indian literature to a new generation that hasn’t had the opportunity to savour this tale of love and longing.


Ladies Coupe’s 10th anniversary
edition in books shops in India.

ladies coupe

Lessons in Forgetting soon to be a film.

Lessons in Forgetting by Anita Nair

HarperCollins India reissues Malabar Mind

Malabar Mind 2011

Play-Nine Faces of Being

Date: 12th January 2011 to 23rd January 2011
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: JAGRITI, Whitefield, Bangalore
Event: Play-Nine Faces of Being [adapted from Mistress]


Lessons in Forgetting by Anita Nair

A new novel from Anita Nair
to be published in January 2010
by Harper Collins

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Montblanc honors Anita Nair

A special edition of the iconic writing instrument, Montblanc Meisterstück a unique writing instrument with a garland of corn on the cap including a sapphire linking it to the hallmark of UNICEF was launched in June 2009 worldwide.

In view of the above, as a propagator of art & culture and as a mark of respect to the culture of writing, Montblanc honored – Anita Nair – with the launch of the Special Edition writing instrument in India; for her novel contribution to literature, enforcing cross cultural endeavors and enlightening experiences that have transcended an inexhaustible diversity of forms - barriers of language, cultures and identities.


Kahani World, Inc. an independent animation producer in Canada has teamed up with internationally renowned Indian writer Anita Nair to co produce an animation series of Anita Nair’s Puffin Book of `Magical Indian Myths’. The TV series and accompanying products will be a contemporary telling of mythical stories for a global audience.

Kahani World believes that even timeless stories need to have a modern telling in today’s language and symbols. Animation provides the universality and timelessness in perpetuating these tales. Kahani World is already a slate of animated motion pictures including another contemporary epic with Virgin Comics called “Secrets of the Seven Sounds”, which is a Deepak Chopra and Shekar Kapur production..

Magical Indian Myths will initially be produced as a multiple episodes for broadcast derived from the 50 stories in Anita’s book. Animation will be able to capture and enhance all of the ‘larger than life’ elements taking the storytelling to a level not yet seen in the country till date. Kahani’s animation development savvy seeks to push the boundaries beyond conventional film making to present gods, goddesses, demons and other celestial beings that comprise the cast of characters and another feature will be the dramatic landscapes envisaged to present the scale of this production.

Announcing the publication of a new book from Anita Nair

A sparkling collection of literary essays, each one a bedtime rumination, Goodnight and God Bless is about books, writers, book events, mice, mothers, airport hotels, the wind and other such unexpectedly thought-provoking subjects, snugly interwoven with a warmly personal and anecdotal history of the author and her assorted family members.

Spanning a literary career of a decade, this wise and witty book offers an ironic take on nearly everything, drawing from the experiences of the author as a woman, mother, daughter, wife and writer. Peppered with deliciously amusing quotes, footnotes and other erudite diversions, mostly unnecessary and unabashedly trivia, this is the perfect book to keep by your bedside, to dip and delve into anytime.

Price: Rs.399
Publisher: Penguin Viking


Mistress on the long list for the Orange prize for fiction for 2008.

The Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction is one of the United Kingdom's most prestigious literary prizes, awarded annually for the best original full-length novel by a female author of any nationality, written in English and published in the UK in the preceding year.

Mistress was also a finalist for the LiBeraturpreis 2007 in Germany and for the PEN/Beyond Margins 2007 Award in the U.S.A.

Anita Nair was also recently awarded the FLO FICCI Women Achievers Awards 2008 for Literature



Recent Release

When it was first published in 1997, Satyr of the Subway consisted of twelve stories, each worked around a dramatically different situation ranging from the mundane to the bizarre.

This revised edition includes three new stories and incorporates occasional alterations to text, some marginal, some significant, where the writer has revisited her characters or situations long after she first created them.

The result is a fascinating collection of stories that traverse the entire gamut of human emotion, penetrating in their insight into male-female relationships and seriously funny in their take on the futility of expectationsfrom life or from lovers.

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