Anita Nair’s Good Night & God Bless is like a personal memoir, with a lavish dose of humour, satire and emotion. It hooks the readers with the author’s daily concerns, from her personal relationships to conversations, to moments of elation. One can take just a chapter at a time, get a hang of the author’s day and leave one’s worries behind, enough to end a day with a smile. Anecdotes as footnotes, sometimes a few famous quotes, Nair makes sure readers don’t feel the need to look elsewhere for more on her world. Whether it’s stories about her daughter, the rest of her family or her dog, it’s through every day conversations, shopping and her writing that Nair tries to give readers a glimpse of her not-so-unusual world.In more than ten years of her writing, Anita Nair’s most popular books have been usually thought provoking, be it The Better Man or The Ladies Coupe, but this time around, the author has a pleasant surprise with a breeze-through kind of novel, the one where she aptly wishes you Good Night & God Bless.

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