The book has a whole lot of with droll quotes and footnotes, some of which are as long as half a page. In fact, these are pleasant diversions, when you decide to go along with the flow of the book and enter Nair’s charmed world. There aren’t any major philosophies coming your way but there are some nuggets of living that do make sense.The section on mothers and daughters for example, would find an echo in most women. “A daughter’s struggle with her mother is what shapes her journey through childhood and makes her a woman. But what kind of a woman is the moot question.”

A charming feature of the book is the little casual sketches that suddenly pop up at the reader. …Sketches of a dog, a snail, a table and chair, add to the sense of comfort. Readers in the habit of getting a glass of warm milk before bedtime could easily replace their milky drink with Goodnight and God Bless.

The Spectrum

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